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'Grass-fed' (FALSE MARKETING TO MAKE CONSUMERS THINK THE MEAT IS NOT FED GMO & not Stressed & Raised in Industrial Farm Methods…

Inspired by Washington Post By Tamar Haspel February 23, 2015

Practices Angus cattle roam the PASTURED at Wholesome Living Farm in Winchester, Ky. It’s an appealing scene, but is pastured beef the best choice for the consumer, the animal and the planet? (Luke Sharett/Bloomberg)

'Pastured beef' is the meat of the moment - But they can still supplement with GMO Alfalfa, Corn, Soy, etc.

The image of cattle dotting green hillsides is an appealing counterpoint to the thought of herds corralled in crowded, Cortisol producing grass-free feedlots. Advocates claim a trifecta of advantages: Pastured beef beef is better for you, for the animal and for the planet.

Is it?

[Vegetarian or omnivore: Which diet is better for the environment?]

First, let’s establish what we’re talking about. All U.S. beef cattle are started on grass, so “grass-fed” actually means “grass-finished,” or fed grass their whole lives. The USDA specifies that, to qualify as “grass-fed,” the animal has to eat “grass and forage” exclusively (after weaning) and must have “continuous access to pasture during the growing season.” HOWEVER...REGULATIONS ARE CANNOT BE ENFORCED...LACK OF MANPOWER..

It does not specify how much feed has to be from that pasture; hay and other harvested forage is allowed. (There are also third-party certification programs with varying criteria.)

Now, on to the questions.

Is grass-fed (PASTURED) beef better for you?

It usually has higher concentrations of some nutrients: antioxidants, some vitamins, a kind of fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and the long-chain omega-3 fats mostly found in fish. It also has less fat overall.

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